# Color Palette

The Color Palette field allows you to display a set of color palettes that a theme or plugin might use throughout, giving your users a choice of UI colors.

# Arguments

Name Type
type string color_palette Value identifying the field type.
default string Default color selection to display on the palette.
options array Array of attributes to set the palette styles and colors. See Option Defaults.

# Option Defaults

Name Type Default Description
colors array Array of colors to display in the palette. Define your own color array or use one of the included presets. See Color Palette Presets below.
size int 20 Sets the width of the palette.
style string 'square' Sets the style of the palette items. Accepts: square or round.
box-shadow bool false Flag to draw an inset box shadow in the individual palette color blocks.
margin bool false Flag to draw margins between the palette color blocks.

# Color Palette Presets

Redux includes a helper function that returns are preset array of colors for use in your projects. Pass the following function to the colors argument:

Redux_Helpers::get_material_design_colors( 'primary' );

The function accepts the following values: primary, red, pink, purple, deep-purple, indigo, blue, light-blue, cyan, teal, green, light-green, lime, yellow, amber, orange, deep-orange, brown, gray, blue-gray, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, A100, A200, A400, A700

# Example Config

		'title'      => esc_html__( 'Color Palette', 'your-textdomain-here' ),
		'desc'       => esc_html__( 'For full documentation on this field, visit: ', 'your-textdomain-here' ) . '<a href="https://devs.redux.io/core-fields/color-palette.html" target="_blank">https://devs.redux.io/core-fields/palette-color.html</a>',
		'id'         => 'color-palette',
		'subsection' => true,
		'fields'     => array(
				'id'       => 'opt-color-palette-grey',
				'type'     => 'color_palette',
				'title'    => esc_html__( 'Color Palette Control', 'your-textdomain-here' ),
				'subtitle' => esc_html__( 'User defined colors with round selectors.', 'your-textdomain-here' ),
				'desc'     => esc_html__( 'Set the Widget Title color here.', 'your-textdomain-here' ),
				'default'  => '#888888',
				'options'  => array(
					'colors' => array(
					'style'  => 'round',
				'output'   => array(
					'color'     => '.widget-title',
					'important' => true,
				'id'       => 'opt-color-palette-mui-all',
				'type'     => 'color_palette',
				'title'    => esc_html__( 'Color Palette Control', 'your-textdomain-here' ),
				'subtitle' => esc_html__( 'All Material Design Colors.', 'your-textdomain-here' ),
				'desc'     => esc_html__( 'This is the description field, again good for additional info.', 'your-textdomain-here' ),
				'default'  => '#F44336',
				'options'  => array(
					'colors' => Redux_Helpers::get_material_design_colors( 'all' ),
					'size'   => 17,

# Example Usage

This example in based on the example usage provided above. Be sure to change $redux_demo to the value you specified in your opt_name argument.

global $redux_demo;

echo esc_html__( 'Selected color: ', 'your-textdomain-here' ) . $redux_demo['opt-color-palette-grey'];