# Global Field Arguments

The following are the universal arguments used by every field. The default field arguments can be used by any field. The extra functionality arguments may perform in different ways depending on the field type.

# Universal Arguments

These arguments are available for every field.

Name Type Description
id string Unique ID identifying the field. Must be different from all other field IDs or unexpected replacement will occur.
type string Type of field to display. Each field must have a unique type.
title string Display title of the field.
subtitle string Subtitle display of the field, situated beneath the title.
desc string Description of the option, appearing beneath the field control.
default string Default value for the field.
permissions string String specifying the capability required to view the section.
hint(s) array Array containing the content and optional title arguments for the hint tooltip.

# Extra Arguments

These arguments may not be supported by all fields, and will be denoted on each field page of documentation.

Name Type Description
compiler bool/array Flag to run the compiler hook or array of CSS selectors to pass dynamic CSS to the compiler hook.
data string/array
output array Array of CSS selectors to dynamically generate CSS. Only works on supported fields types.
required array Provide the parent, comparison operator, and value which will affects the field's visibility.
validate string/array