# Filter Hooks

The follow table is a list of available filter hooks within Redux that developers may use in their own code.  Please note, a solid understand of PHP (opens new window) and WordPress filter hooks (opens new window) are required.

As always, please be sure to replace {opt_name} with the opt_name string of your Redux instance.

Thanks to @paulthecoder (opens new window) for compiling this list.

Tag Value Extra Args Description
redux/textdomain/{opt_name} $locale
(string) The locale of the blog or from the ‘locale’ hook.
(string) ‘redux-framework’ text domain.
Locale for text domain.
redux/font-icons $font_icons
(array) Array of elusive icon classes.
redux/page/{opt_name}/enqueue/jquery-ui-css $url
(string) The url to enqueue jQuery UI CSS.
redux/{opt_name}/field/class/{field.type} $class
(string) Field class file path.
(array) Field config data.
Change the path of a specific field.
redux/{opt_name}/localize/save_pending $text
(string) Save pending text.
redux/{opt_name}/localize/reset $text
(string) Reset all string.
redux/{opt_name}/localize/reset_section $text
(string) Reset section string.
redux/{opt_name}/localize/preset $text
(string) Preset confirm string.
redux/{opt_name}/panel/templates_path $path
(string) The panel templates path.
redux/{opt_name}/panel/template/{file_name} $path
(string) Path to the template file.
redux/{opt_name}/field/font/icons $font_icons
(array) Array of elusive icon classes
edux/{opt_name}/field/class/{field.type} $file_path
(string) Field class file.
(array) Field config data.
Field class file.
redux-imported-text-{opt_name} $text
(string) Translated “settings imported” text.
redux-defaults-text-{opt_name} $text
(string) Translated all “defaults restored” text.
redux-defaults-section-text-{opt_name} $text
(string) Translated section “defaults restored” text.
redux-saved-text-{opt_name} $text
(string) Translated “settings saved” text.
redux-changed-text-{opt_name} $text
(string) Translated “settings have changed” text.
redux/args/{opt_name} $args
(array) ReduxFramework configuration.
redux/options/{opt_name}/args $args
(array) ReduxFramework configuration.
redux/options/{opt_name}/sections $sections
(array) Field option sections.
redux/options/{opt_name}/global_variable $value
(array) Option value to set global_variable with.
redux/options/{opt_name}/data/{type} $data
(string) WordPress specific data.
redux/options/{opt_name}/defaults $defaults
(array) Option default values.
redux/options/{opt_name}/section/{section.id} $section
(array) Section configuration.
redux/options/{opt_name}/field/{field.id}/register $field
(array) Field config data.
redux/options/{opt_name}/field/{field.id} $field
(array) Field config data.
redux/field/{opt_name}/output_css $field
(array) Field config data.
redux/field/{opt_name}/{field.type}/render/after $text
(string) Rendered field markup.
(array) Field data.
redux/field/{opt_name}/render/after $text
(string) Rendered field markup.
(array) Field data.
redux/field/{opt_name}/_can_output_css $field
(array) Field data.
Check if a field meets its requirements before outputting to CSS.
redux/extension/{opt_name}/{folder} $file_path
(string) Extension class file path.
(string) Extension class name.
redux/validate/{opt_name}/defaults $defaults
(array) Option default values.
When all options have been reset to defaults.
redux/validate/{opt_name}/defaults_section $plugin_options
(array) Option default values.
When a section’s options have been reset to defaults.
redux/validate/{opt_name}/before_validation $plugin_options
(array) The options array before validation.
(array) Redux Framework options array.
redux/validate/{opt_name}/class/{field.validate} $file_path
(string) Validation class file path.
(string) Validation class file path.