# Theme Check Warnings and Errors

We take compliance very seriously here at Redux. Those who run Theme Check may get some warnings or errors. This document will help you prepare your theme for submission to the WordPress.org directory or a marketplace such as Envato (ThemeForest/CodeCanyon). This article is primarily for users who are downloading from the GitHub Repo.


Redux 4.x has been updated to solve a majority of the Warnings and Non-Errors. This doc has yet to be updated.

# Deleting Unneeded Files

These files & directories are primarily for testing and development. If left in your submission it will be rejected.

  • .tx/
  • bin/
  • tests/
  • .gitignore
  • .git/
  • .travis.yml
  • bootstrap_tests.php
  • phpunit.xml
  • node_modules/
  • .ds_store
  • codestyles/

# Warnings and Non-Errors

With those items removed, you will get a few more errors yet. We’ll go over each of these.

# INFO: The theme appears to use include or require

This is harmless and will not affect you. Disregard all of these messages.

# REQUIRED: Themes should use add_theme_page() for adding admin pages

FALSE! This is in regard to add_submenu_page(). That's how we add submenus to the panel menu. It will pass inspection. There's also a add_dashboard_page() reference. This also is harmless and will be incorporated at a later date.

# WARNING: Found PHP short tags in file~/redux-core/inc/fields/raw/parsedown.php

False again. This is a regular expression. Disregard.

# WARNING: file_put_contents / file_get_contents / curl_init / curl_exec was found...

These items are primarily fallback for when the WP_Filesystem fails. And yes, it does fail on odd hosts. These warning will not get you rejected. If they do, send the reviewer this page, and you will make it through. You're free to read our blog post about this whole ordeal entitled: Sometimes Standards Don’t Always Work (opens new window). It's a real nail biter. 😉