# Generating a Support Hash

In order to provide you with the best support possible, we request you generate a support hash. This is entirely secure and contains no personally identifying information. If you want to see what will be sent, you can refer to the Health Report/Status in the About Redux page within your WordPress instance.

Redux 3.4.5+ is required

If you have an early version, please update.

# Initiate a Support Hash Request

In your control panel, navigate on the left side to Tools -> Redux Framework. Once on that page, click on the Support tab and follow the instructions.

# But the Menu Item is Missing

If the menu item is missing then navigate to the URL manually.


Replace ~ with your WordPress base URL (site URL).

# That didn't work!

Then Redux isn't running or your theme/plugin developer has modified the core and embedded Redux. You'll need to install a different version of Redux. We suggest installing the WordPress.org plugin.

# Ok, now what?

Once you have the full Support URL/Hash, you need to post it on our issue tracker (opens new window).